Cherish “Curly” Texture Box

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Have you been searching for a hair loss solution for a young girl you love who suffers from Alopecia? Do you feel helpless as you watch the progression of her hair loss and frustrated you’re unable to ease her pain? 

We made our Cherish Box with an extra soft curly hair wig with your precious young girl’s hair texture in mind. In it comes an age-appropriate, natural-looking headband wig that will enhance your child’s natural beauty and is perfect for camouflaging progressive hair loss and accommodating unpredictable regrowth cycles. Accompanying the wig is a custom journal that will help your little one process feelings of insecurity and sadness, making room for hope and allowing her to be crowned in confidence. 

Our high-quality adjustable headband wig:

  • Is made of 100% curly human hair and comes in two different soft textures in three lengths: 10, 14 and 16 inches
  • Natural Hair Color
  • Hair Density: 130%
  • Is age-appropriate and adjustable to fit small head sizes 
  • Is breathable and comfortable
  • Can be cared for like real hair and provides easy styling options 
  • Is durable and made to last

Our custom journal: 

  • Includes affirmations and questions that reminds your girl of her value and boosts her confidence 
  • Examines your girl’s strengths and accomplishments to shift her focus from what she feels is wrong or different about her
  • Provides an opportunity to process complex emotions related to her Alopecia so she does not internalize her pain 

How to wear our wigs: 

Our wigs can be worn for any occasion and can be dressed up or dressed down. It can be worn at home, to school, on the playground, and even while playing sports or in hot weather.

The wig can be styled just like natural hair. It can be cut, blow dried, curled, and flat-ironed. It can also be styled in updos, ponytails or worn down.